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Whey: At The Fundamental Beginning Of Supplement Use To Build Muscle

From the dawn of muscle building supplements came the most popular fundamental that each and every bodybuilder uses to gain lean muscle mass, it’s called whey. This is usually taken in a powder form by mixing the formula with water to create a protein shake. There is a reason that whey is still high on the priority list of those weight lifters.

This powered fitness supplement is composed of protein. You need protein to build muscle mass, that’s just how the body works. In order to get protein you need all of the twenty essential amino acids. So, this probably begs the question ‘why are there so many whey protein powders on the market when they all have to same twenty amino acids?’ This is a fair question and the answer is because the order the amino acids are delivered in and how much of each you intake can change the composition of how fast or full the muscle mass grows. For example, when you are taking an egg protein you are getting more of the branched chain amino acids, and when you are taking soy protein you get more methionine amino acids.

There are many different protein sources which include, soy, vegetables, egg, beef, whey, and casein. These all vary from each other in their makeup of primary amino acids. So what source of protein is best for your body? You want to pick one that is comprised of very high amounts of three essential amino acids, such as the testrol supplement (information at
), which are leucine, valine, and isoleucine. These all promote energy that is needed for working out muscle groups and they help to reduce the amount of soreness as well as muscle damage during these intense exercise sessions.

When looking at a ranking scale of the most popular sources of protein, whey always seems to outweigh the rest due to its high level of the amino acid Leucine. You can get whey protein in three different forms which are concentrates, hydrolysates, and isolates. This type of protein is known for its ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis just shortly after exercises. This is simply put, the process that rebuilds lean muscle mass. Whey also is rated better for gaining maximum strength, decreasing the most fat, and increasing the highest amount of lean body mass. So if you are looking to excel in these areas of bodybuilding taking whey protein regularly is your best bet to reach your fitness goals.